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Sustainability in Action SNF Canada is committed to sustainable development, environmental protection, and the involvement in local community life.

SNF Canada adheres to strict policy of its parent group SNF Floerger regarding sustainable development, environmental issues and community involvement.

SNF Canada’s mission is to develop, produce and market polymers for water treatment, the oil industry, the mining and paper industries, while keeping environmental sustainability as one of our top priorities.

In all our activities, we are committed to minimizing pollution and waste. We are constantly improving our processes to ensure environmental impact is minimized. Processes that consume large quantities of water have been minimized, thus reducing specific water consumption sevenfold for each product in the span of 10 years. Rinsing water, for example, is partly recirculated through installation in order to reduce the amount of water needed by 70%.

Our products also contribute to a safe and healthy environment by helping our customers treat waste, discharge clean effluent, and supply pure drinking water.

Sustainable Development

SNF Canada ensures that all environmental laws, regulations and codes of conduct are complied with. In all of our activities our mandate is to:

  • Conceive safe, new and efficient technologies which respect the environment
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of our production
  • Minimize the production of all forms of waste, while handling unavoidable waste in ecologically responsible manner
  • Preserve natural resources through the efficient utilization of energy during production methods
  • Ensure all SNF Canada personnel is trained and cognizant with respect to our policies on industrial safety and environmental protection
SNF Floeger and SNF Inc. are members of the RESPONSIBLE CARE PROGRAM created by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA)

Click Here to view our Sustainable Development policy.

Community Involvement

At SNF Canada, we are deeply involved in our community’s life and welfare. We are a proud supporter of charities and regular participant in community events intended to raise funds for medical research.

Here are some of the charities we actively support:

Every year, SNF Canada takes part in the Student Sponsorship offered by the CMP (Canadian Mineral Processors) to a student in mining engineering. We also actively support the RFCM, a Local Women’s Business Group in Mauricie, Quebec.