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Product Literature

Product Lines + Applications Learn more about our extensive product lines and applications serviced by our products.

Click on the links to download PDF’s of our brochures which provide further information regarding every facet of our company:

SNF Catalog

SNF Floerger presentation catalogue. Our core missions is to assert, anticipate, grow, be local, manufacture, use, create, serve and always seek our clients’ satisfaction

Water Soluble Polymers

An introduction to the use and applications of SNF Canada polymers

Drinking Water

SNF Canada’s polymers can be used at different steps of the water purification drinking water production processes that will render water which is apt for human consumption

Powders Catalogue

An introduction to SNF Canada powder polymers

Liquids Catalogue

An introduction to SNF Canada liquid polymers

Emulsions Catalogue

An introduction to SNF Canada emulsion polymers

Flosperse Dispersants

SNF Canada’s Flosperse polycarboxylates are water-soluble polymers designed to enhance the performance of various household, industrial and institutional detergents

Flopam Dispersion

SNF Floerger has developed a new range of products based on a water in water dispersion process differs from traditional water in oil inverse emulsions standardly used in water treatment

Dredging Flopam

SNF Floerger’s Deredging Flopam polymers are specifically designed for dredging actives such as: thickening of dredged sediments to obtain a clear overflow; dewatering of thickened sludge; port construction and maintenance

Cosmetics Flocare

The Flocare product range was designed specifically for the cosmetics industry

Antifoam Flofoam

SNF Canada’s Antifoam Flofoam series range of products

Agriculture Aquasorb

Aquasorb is a water retainer that, when incorporated into a soil and substrate, absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients

Cleaning Flopam

Cleaning Flopam is a range specifically designed to wash polymer residues off floors and equipment

Grouting Floset

The Floset gel range of products are used mainly in tunnelling, mining, and concrete repair to stabilize, water proof and to fill cracks. These injection systems are based on two-component resins, organo-minerals, and acrylic-based compounds. They also include formulations based on micro cements


Metalsorb is a range of sulfur-based chemical precipitants allowing industries to easily reach very low levels of heavy metal releases


With more than two decades of experience in the speciality polymers business, SNF Floerger has developed many high performance polymers for the home care, industrial and institutional cleaning industries